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What areas do we have coverage?

We cover nearly all the Vega Baja region. This is thanks to the two different types of network that we provide, WIMAX by radio frequency or by cable. Currently our WIMAX network is one of the most important in Spain and we have one of the most advanced WIMAX technologies (by radio frequency) which allows us to have a wide range of coverage and that’s why we can offer our clients a high quality signal. You can find all the coverage on our home page or clicking here.

Is this technology comparable to ADSL system?

Not only is it the same, it is in many aspects a lot better. The only difference is that the client will notice that they can navigate with high speed and will have a high quality service.

What Speed can our clients have?

High quality speed. Unfortunately there are many operators in Spain that offer their clients a steady speed which does not always reach its maximum capacity. This means that only in peak times where people are not normally connected is when their clients can really appreciate the speed and the rest of the time the speed is noticeably inferior. We offer a minimum speed of 3 or 6 real megas, including even more speed at specific hours of the day without any additional cost. Furthermore, the amount of megas that we offer is of higher quality due to the fact that we have our own WIMAX network system. You can test our speed but doing a speed test on the web page www.testdevelocidad.es or www.speedtest.net. This test should be done with the cable connection.

When I connect with WIFI it shows that I am connected with 54Mbps

This is not the speed of your Internet. This message is to show the maximum potential that the WIFI permits you to have between the WIFI and the PC and router. The real speed of connection to Internet is determined in your contract.

My WIFI appears as not secure, is this dangerous?

It is recommendable that you have a password in that way no one else can connect to your system and access to your Internet.

How can I connect various devices to the Internet?

All you will need to do is to look for your username and enter the password that was given to you.
How do I configure my PC to access Internet?

What determines the quality of the wireless signal?

The intensity and signal quality depends on several factors. The most important are: The distance between walls, furniture, etc… this could be the reason for these interferences (usually caused by other wireless networks or wireless equipment for domestic use).

How many computers can I connect with the wireless connection?

You can connect various computers to our wireless router, however please remember that the more computers you have connected the speed will be spread in between these devices.

What WIFI coverage do I have in the house?

WiFi coverage is determined by the configuration and structure of each home, so in some cases coverage may be limited. For example, if the walls of the house are very wide or if there is a big distance between where the wifi router is and where you want to connect, coverage may be affected. It is recommended that you install the router in a place of the house where the signal is stronger. Our technicians will advise you at the time of installation to where you will have a good connection.

Will my speed on the Internet go slower when the amount of clients increase?

No, the service to access Internet is through Fiber Optics so therefore it does not depend on the amount of people connected. The network has been dimensioned to provide service to all our clients.

Why does the speed test give me a lower speed than I signed for?

Normally the speed test results are slightly below the speed kb contracted due to processing. If the test results are far below the contracted rate, we must verify that there are not more people using your Internet connection and also check that while doing the speed test that you do not have any programs downloading while doing the speed test (Ares, eMule, etc.)

What does opening ports mean and how do I do this?

Opening ports is a specific configuration that is performed on a router. It is used when there is software on the local network that acts as a server on the Internet (for example, a web server, a P2P application, cameras, etc.). You will need to contact the technical department if any unusual ports need to be opened.

What is the use of a password for my wireless WIFI system?

This is a password that allows you and people you know to connect to the router and access the Internet. In addition, through the encryption key, the encryption system used by wireless networks (WEP, WPA, …) converts plaintext (unencrypted text that can de read directly) into ciphertext (encrypted or encrypted data), and thereby preventing any outside to intercept the data going in and out of our network.

How is the Customer Service?

This is one of the things that differs us from other companies. We like a personalized and direct service for our clients, and as well as our Telephone Customer Service you can visit us in our offices where our staff speaks 8 different languages: English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Italian and Spanish. We also dispose of a highly qualified team of installers who will do the installation in the property of the client.

What do I do in the case of problems with the system?

We offer our clients a technical service for any type of problem that may occur with your television, Internet or phone service. In the case that we cannot resolve this over the phone our technicians shall visit your house in the next 24/48 hours.
This service call is free of charge as long as it has not been caused by the user, in the case that the cables or equipment have been manipulated with (modem cable, Wifi, phones or loss of passwords etc..) or resetting the router, there will be a charge of 20-€ (IVA Included) which will be paid in cash directly to the technician when he finalized the service call.

What happens if I miss a payment?

In the case of non-payment your service will be suspended automatically until we receive payment and there will be a penalization fee of 5-€ that will charged at the same moment that we receive payment and we activate your service.
In order to make things easy for you we send you a text message on the Spanish mobile number that was given to us when the application was done.

I have not received the bill for this month, what can I do?

You can come into our offices and we can give you a copy or you can contact our Call Center. And you can provide us with your email address and that way you can receive your itemized bill on a monthly basis.

How can I pay any outstanding bill?

In order to make payment you can come into our offices or call our Customers Services and make payment with a credit/debit card. Please remember there will be a 5-€ penalization fee is for the administration of non-payment.

What is the payment scheme?

Your payments will be made through Direct Debit from your Spanish bank account, which will be withdrawn on the 1st of each month to the account number that was given to us on the day of the application.
To avoid non-payment from your bank we recommend that once you have the contract please inform your bank that there will be a direct debit that will be withdrawn by Ole Comunicacion, S.L on a monthly basis.

I do not have a computer at home, can I apply for high speed Internet?

Yes. The installer that goes to your property will do the installation of the services and configuring the computer in the house. If there is no computer in the house on the day of the installation the installer shall leave everything configured and prepared for the client to connect the service to their computer. However should the client have problems in connecting to our system they can call our Technical Team and they can run through the instructions with you over the phone.

Is the maintenance included in the service call?

Yes. The maintenance and Customer Service is free of charge as long as it not due to negligence or misuse.

Do we need a land line in order to have Internet & Telephone?

It is not necessary. Ole has their own network system so we can offer our clients all the necessary things to provide a high quality system for Internet & Telephone without any extra costs to our clients.

Are there any differences between a normal landline and VOIP System?

No, it works in the exact same way. We also give our clients the opportunity to keep their same number should they wish to and there is no charge for this service.

Do the tariffs include premium numbers?

No. The tariff only includes landline numbers 24hours a day. This does not include numbers starting with 902,903…If you are not sure if a number is a premium number you can call our Customer Services and they can confirm with you.

Who is in charge of dealing with the cancellations of your previous operator in the case that you take up Ole’s flat rate?

Only in the case where you will be keeping on your same number we shall deal with your previous operator to cancel your phone line with them. This does not include any other services or equipment that you may have with them for example Internet service, line rental or routers etc…you are the only one authorized to do this. OLE ONLY DEALS WITH THE CANCELLATION OF YOUR PHONE LINE SHOULD YOU WISH TO KEEP ON YOUR SAME NUMBER.
In the case where the client applies for a phone line with a new number you will have to cancel any contracts with any previous operator. In no case can Ole deal with your cancellation as you are the only one authorized to do so.

To keep your same number on, what do I need to do?

If a client wishes to keep on their same number, Ole shall do the paper work free of charge. You will need to bring to our offices the following documents:

Photocopy of passport/Id of the owner of the line.
Evidence of your bank account number, any document with the letter head of the bank showing your name and account number.
Last bill from your previous operator (Telefonica, ONO, Jazztel, etc.)
Copy of ID that appears on the latest bill. (The portability of the number can only be done should the ID correspond to the one that appears on the bill)

What are Premium Rate calls with prefix 905, 907, 803, 806 and 807?

Premium rate services are those numbers with special codes, and have a specific fee for the provision of certain information services, such as professional services, leisure and entertainment; the cost to the user is normally higher then the cost of communication provided by the public telephone network.
Therefore, these numbers are used to obtain profits by the company providing the information service. On the 13th of January 2009 a new law has been put into force amending the treatment of the prefix 905. The resolution of the 4th of December 2008 the Secretary of State Telecommunications and the Information Society, attributed to the 905 dialing code providing premium rate services.
Numbers that are NOT included in the National/International Flat rate:

Prefix 905. These numbers are reserved for mass calling, such as TV contests etc…
Prefix 907. These numbers are designated for services via Internet.
Prefix 803. These numbers are designated for adult services only.
Prefix 806. These numbers are designated for leisure and entertainment services.
Prefix 807. These numbers are designated for professional services.

To activate these premium numbers the customer must give their consent in writing and must sign a document, with ID of the owner of the line or of the delegated person.

What are they and how is the billing done for calls to numbers with prefix 900, 901, 902, 903, and 906?

Intelligent network numbers (900, 901, 902, 906 … etc) are actually redirected to one or more existing physical lines (94 … 91 … etc) that belongs to the company that hires such intelligent network numbering.
These numbers are not included in flat rates, and it the billings are as follows:

Prefix 900 (FREE). No costs involved to the client.
Prefix 901 (SHARED LINE). The cost of the call is split between the person calling (you) and the company that hires the service (destination). There are two levels, Level 1 and Level 2 with different levels of calls and different rates.
Prefix 902 (BUSINESS LINES).A unique number that companies use to receive calls from all over Spain, regardless of the location. It has the same functions as a 900 line but with a slight difference that the cost of the call is paid entirely by the person who makes the call.
Prefix 903/906 (PAID CALLS) These numbers are information lines that let you access paid information offered by certain companies, which are offset by a fee as payment service for each of the call received.

We have a free service to block all calls that are not included in the National/International flat rate or numbers that are requested by the client, you can also block calls to mobiles or to Premium numbers (Spanish 901, 902, 903, 906 …)
Very important: there are numbers that do not belong to companies that do not have a premium number format, are numbers that are foreign private without being classified as premium. This is because of internal negotiations between phone providers and there is nothing we can do about it. Should you not be sure about a number please feel free to consult our Customer Service team so they can check for you.

I can not make calls to certain numbers?

To resolve this problem you will need to check that you have not an automatic block to mobile phones, or to premium numbers like 805, etc… If you do not have this service activated please take note of the numbers and call our Customer Service so we can check the numbers for you.

If I have activated a call divert service, who is billed for these calls?

The caller will assume the cost of the call to the number dialed, and the receiver will pay the call to where the call has been diverted to.
If the diversion is made to another landline number then this will be part of your flat rate National Tariff. On the contrary the calls will be charged to the chosen destination.

I have two phones and one of them has no dialing tone.

To check if the incident is due to the actual phone or the VOIP please take out the phone that is not working and plug it directly into the VOIP where is says “Phone 1” and if it works then please contact us so we can do a check on the line as it may be a problem with the cabling.Contact us

I have interference on the phone line?

This can be due to various things:

If the interference is only when you call a certain number then the problem may derive from the other line.

If the interference is on one of your phones and not the other then this maybe a problem with the actual phone.

I have problems with my pre-programmed touchpad of my phone.

If your phone is from another operator it could be that those pre-programmed numbers was a service that your previous operator offered you (e.g answering machine) in this case as you have changed operators this will not work with our service. We have found that there are phones that clients use from other operators on our system and these sometimes may not be compatible on our system.

What services come with my phone line?

We provide you with basic services such as Call waiting, answering machine service, call divert for when there is no answer and for when you are busy. All these services are free of charge.
Below you will find the instructions to activate or deactivate these services: * Call Waiting:

To activate, pick up hand set and dial *70
To deactivate, pick up hand set and dial *71
* Answering machine service (Request needs to be made in our offices)
To activate, pick up hand set and dial *10
To deactivate, pick up hand set and dial *11
To listen to your messages, pick up hand set and dial *97
To listen to the menu to please press *97 then 2

What do I have to do when I do not get a dialling tone on my phone?

If when you pick up the phone you do not have a dialling tone this maybe that the connection has been interrupted between the phone and the main communication system. To resolve the problem please check the following things:

Check that the router is connected to the electricity and that all the cables are connected properly.
Check that the phone is correctly connected in the “Phone 1” connection at the back of the VOIP (silver phone box).
If you are still not getting a dialling tone, try and connect a different phone into the system by connecting it directly in the VOIP where it is marked “Phone 1”. If it gives you a tone then you will know it is a problem with the internal line.
If your phone is a cordless one please make sure that it has batteries or that it is connected to the electricity.

Divert calls.

The diversion will automatically be activated without ringing in the house.

Pick up hand set and dial: *72 then the number where you want to divert to. Example: *72912050865 (your phone will be diverted to 912050865) After pressing the codes and the telephone number to where you want it to divert to, you will hear a recorded message confirming the number it has been diverted to.
Pick up the hand set and dial: *73 Example: *73 (This will cancel the divert to the number 912050865) After pressing *73 you will hear a recorded message where it indicates that the diversion has been cancelled.

Call Divert when busy

Pick up hand set and dial: *90 then the number where you want to divert to. Example: *90912050865 (your phone will be diverted to 912050865) After pressing the codes and the telephone number to where you want it to divert to, you will hear a recorded message confirming the number it has been diverted to.
Pick up the hand set and dial: *91 Example: *91 (This will cancel the divert to the number 912050865)

Call Divert when no answer

Pick up hand set and dial: *92 then the number where you want to divert to. Example: *92912050865 (your phone will be diverted to 912050865).
After pressing the codes and the telephone number to where you want it to divert to, you will hear a recorded message confirming the number it has been diverted to.
Pick up the hand set and dial: *93 Example: *93 (This will cancel the divert to the number 912050865)

Can I use my landline for my alarm system?

No, all alarms need an analog phone line to communicate to their main switchboard, so therefore it will not work on our system.
The client will have to contact the security company to carry out any necessary changes so this can be done through a mobile number (GSM Module).
All communication performed using IP video surveillance, data phones via ethernet works flawlessly.